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Residential & Industrial Use Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been at the cutting edge of the development of refrigeration and air conditioning systems for more than 80 years and today we continue to innovate and introduce new technologies that achieve the highest levels of efficiency and reliability in all of our air conditioning products.

MHI was the first manufacturer to introduce a full range of split system air conditioners that utilise high efficiency and ozone friendly R410a refrigerant to the European market, combined with our inverter technology the MHI range of split systems offer industry leading levels of energy efficiency.

Meanwhile 2010 saw the launch of our latest VRF (variable refrigerant flow) air conditioning systems; KX6. These multi-room air conditioning systems incorporate one of the widest product ranges available in order to meet the design demands of almost any application, from apartments to retail premises to hotels and multi storey buildings. The KX6 range also incorporates R410a refrigerant and inverter technology combined with sophisticated controls that ensure the highest possible levels of energy efficiency.

MHI continues to progress and expand our product ranges with the introduction of new air to water heat pumps and award winning large capacity centrifugal chillers which are internationally recognised as one of the most energy efficient cooling systems available.

Car Air-Conditioners

Truck Refrigeration Units

With our technical experience over the past century we offer you our truck /trailer transport cooling systems through our partners in Europe.

Our reliable environmentally friendly units will support your daily life with fresh food and convenient frozen food for your table as well as your health as vital medicines are transported using our cooling systems.